A downloadable game for Windows

This project is getting to be massive. (At least from my view.) Any guidance would be accepted! I get along well 1on1 but in a large Discord group I've proven to be.....shy.  Some things that don't like to work properly:

Often the AIs get confused on what they're actively doing. 

Jelly material swings around with the lil wormy bug dude.  (Using cloth physics only pinned to the top, was hoping to get jelly physics from it.)

Trees kinda get overwhelming. I was thinking of making an option to make the leave transparent on user command.

As it stands now it looks VERY raw. But if you pay attention to the costumes they pick up and the worm setting the tone for the wildlife;  I intend to go bonkers with this idea. I posted this to get any free help one is willing to provide in the way of guidance with code.  

Please leave any feedback in the comments!  

UI is basic and ugly for now. Forgive me, just ironing out the code first.

My name is "passghost" on Discord if you'd like to add me for a discussion about this or anything game related. Thanks for the attention!

Revision 2

They're working together and remembering things!

You can now build a line of torches and they'll assemble until the work is done.

Down side, sometimes when they're thirsty they'll get stuck in build mode. 

Wormy dude now poops glowing things that will have future functionality.

Also each AI delivers a tribute of 50 wood to begin with.

AI is still ugly and will be for some time until I get the functionality down. Deal with it.

Revision 3

Having a moment of "F*ck no don't download that one." Uploading a new version that fixes the water issue, enables house building, and fixes an overall ai stupidity bug. 

AIS CAN BUILD HOUSES YAAAY! (kinda lookin' like a game)

Revision 4


Weird stories
informal (strange tales)

This is the name we chose. Hoping this makes it a little easier to find some day. (Maybe not.)  Added more functionality to... You guessed it.. The xtal poops! Toying with AI, they're a bit.... piloty... at the moment.

Hoping to make more progress tomorrow, no promises. (Increases the odds.)

Revision 5 

Did I leave the UI off? Anyhow, I present..... Better trees.

Install instructions

Just unzipper.


VoxFarmA.rar 21 MB
VoxA.rar 21 MB
Anglais.rar 35 MB

Development log